April 10, 2012 – Cannon Beach, Oregon – 5 PM PDT

Description: Myself and a cousin were fishing off the Oregon coast about 12 miles out. (You won’t believe this, but I don’t care.) About 5 PM I heard a faint high pitched hum like a tuning fork. My cousin said do you hear that? Yes weird I thought after approximately 45 seconds. It volumed down to a low hum in about 30 second intervals. It cycled like this for about 6 minutes. Then it stopped and then this is when I started getting uneasy. A bunch of sea birds started flying around the area like they couldn’t make up their minds and they were screeching loudly. Then they headed off towrad inland. I said that is an omen! Lets get back in please so we started to reel in the line when about 6 big waves bobbed us up and down. I had enough so I cut the lines and said lets go now YEP! This shook me, chilled me to the bones. Our compass was spinning like a top. I thought that I was going to have a heart attack. Then the high pitches returned. It did not cycle low, but more or so like interruptions then off then on. Toward the starboard about 2 to 250 feet the water raised up not like a bubbling, but a flowing then there were blueish lights under the water. They were moving toward the water in a T pattern horizontal to vertical. Then a craft surfaced. Then the humming began to get higher until we couldn’t hear it. Both of us began to get violently ill. It rose to about 30 feet above the water. It must have been about the size of an average base ball diamond and shaped like a V. Within a few seconds it flew off, popped like a flashbulb and was gone. The air smelled like a salty arcwelding odor. We just got the hell out of there. My hair is falling out, my cousin’s gums are bleeding and he is losing his teeth and hair.

Note: This is a very intriguing case and one of the few “USO” (Underwater Submerged Objects) reports that we have received. Plus the case has signs of “radiation exposure” and electromagnetic interference. Jim Clarkson and myself are investigating this case. Updates will be posted.

Update – May 25, 2012: This case is quite likely a hoax. The witnesses have not responded to questions posed by two investigators. The witnesses also waited to report the sighting over a month after occurrence. Most witnesses who experience something of this magnitude will report their sighting right away by phone.

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  1. Joel Small says:

    If this did happen pretty much as described and these people are suffering such serious maladies, I sure hope that they are getting medical treatment as we speak. If you have a way of contacting them, Mr. Puckett, I would surely ask them what they are doing about their problems. If they are adults, they can do this on their own, but if they are minors, perhaps you might talk to their family. A case that involved quite similar physical problems occurred in East Texas in 1980 that was investigated my a Mr. Schuessler, a renowned U.F.O. researcher, and he did as much as he could to insure that the three people who had what seemed to be some kind of radiation sickness. Thank you. Joel Small.

    • Administrator says:

      Good suggestions. An investigator has contacted one of the witnesses. We are still trying to verify details. At this point nothing definitive can be concluded. We will be posting updates.

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