April 11, 2014 – Eston, United Kingdom – 10:35 PM Local Time

Description: Hi, I was just curious. In reading a posting from 2010-2011 about lights in Eston hills (vanishing and reappearing). I was curious because on April 11 I was looking at a police helicopter flying. It was flying around Eston Hills toward the bank field area to my right a good mile or two away. In a total opposite direction I noticed lights which may have been shooting an object. The object shot past coming over Eston hills and swooping past towards Redcar at a very fast speed and just disappearing into nothing. Also a huge beam of light again in a totally different direction shot out of the sky miles away from the helicopter. I wasn’t mistaken. I witnessed this. I talked to a friend who saw the exact same thing. I really don’t know what it was and it was moving very fast and just vanished into nothing towards Redcar. It was followed by a huge white bright beam for a split second.

Note: Redcar is a town about 4 miles to the Northeast of Eston.

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