April 12, 2013 – Helena, Montana – 10:24 PM MDT

Description: I was looking out my west window. From behind a cloud I saw an object flying towards my building direction. It was flying very low and continued flying over my building. It was wide and long to tips and of chevron or boomerang shape. It at first appeared as a ghostly-transparent like a creature, but there was no flapping of wings. Then it became more mechanical/metallic as it flew past my window. Looking up my view was head on. On the underside there was possibly material at the tail end, like kite material. It’s whitish/gray color was more vibrant than adjacent city-reflecting clouds. In fear I grabbed my Holy Bible next to the alarm clock, and noted the time of the observation.

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  1. Kenneth Larson says:

    NOTE: The actual site of the reported Udo Wartena UFO landing and close contact in early May of 1940 is about 35 miles due east of Helena, Montana, and about 15 miles north-northeast of Townsend, Montana, in a mountain area with streams. The two humanoids told Udo they came to get water from a stream near where miner Udo was digging a ditch for water so as to operate their vehicle. The two said they knew 500 languages and probably used a language machine to decipher and speak in stilted English with Udo. The two reportedly told Udo they were observers and knew about the Lord Jesus Christ, but could not intervene in Earth affairs unless it was necessary. They invited Udo to come with them, but he declined and later wished he had done so. Udo said there was another previous report of a young man suddenly disappearing from the area. Perhaps a thousand years to us could only represent 24 hours or one day to the UFO occupants. The Bible (2 Peter 3:8) states a thousand years to the Lord is one day to humans and one day equals a thousand years. This 1940 case was apparently one of the great UFO close contact reports of all time along with the Nov. 5, 1975 seven woodcutters UFO sighting – boarding experience near Snowflake, Arizona (Travis Walton Abduction), and the Sept. 19-20, 1961, sighting-boarding UFO case of Betty and Barney Hill, Thornton, New Hampshire plus the early spring of 1820 sighting UFO landing- close two humanoids contact of 14-year-old Joseph Smith near Palmyra, New York.

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