April 13, 2012 – Crescent City, California – 2:05 PM PDT



Chart Showing the Alitude (in Feet) of the Miltary Jet. Times GMT.

Chart Showing the Alitude (in Feet) of the Miltary Jet. Times GMT.

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Description: A woman and her son heard a loud rumble. They looked up and saw a military F18 Fighter jet pursuing a cigar shaped object. Another carbon colored gray object appeared ahead of the first object. The objects executed turns in the sky with the F18 in pursuit. Soon after 2 more F18 craft came from the north and joined the pursuit. The sighting lasted about 10 minutes. The objects vanished and the F18s left the area and flew back to the north. Skies were mostly clear with a few high clouds at the time of the sighting. The mother called and left a voice-mail message right after the sighting. Both witnesses were interviewed. All of the craft were flying high. An exhaust trail, but no contrails were left by the jet fighters. The son tried to capture the objects with a cell phone camera, but was unable to focus on the objects.

Radar Analysis Summary: The above radar animation map goes from 1:56 PM to 2:02 PM PDT. This is a few minutes before the witness said that she saw the UFO and the jets. However, there could be a few minutes error in the time estimate by the witness. (She wasn’t sure of the exact time.) The radar shows 2 aircraft approached from the north. One of the aircraft (not shown in the radar map) was flying too slow to be a military jet. This aircraft departed from Brookings, Oregon continued south near Crescent City and then turned sharply and continued back to the north. The other aircraft (shown on the map) first showed up on radar in southern Oregon. The aircraft sped south, made a sharp loop turn near Crescent City and began following an object detected by radar. This object was flying near the speed of the jet. The jet continued east and went off the radar grid that I had requested. Ironically the jet lowered its altitude by nearly 10,000 feet in the vicinity of the UFO. The witness thought that the jet was a F18 (Navy) jet. Military fighters (F15, F16 and F18) are difficult to distinguish. I think that the jet could have been a F15 from the Oregon Air National Guard at Portland. The closest Navy base to the north would be Whidbey Island Naval Air Station in Northwest Washington State. I believe it possible that some objects were detected on radar and the F15 went to investigate?

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  1. Joel Small says:

    I think that this event occurred more or less as reported. It almost creates more questions than before this happened such as just why would military aircraft go into persuit mode over a populated area, and if these other unidentified craft are as superior to our aircraft, then what is the point of attempting to intercept them? Except the worst case scenario is to leave them to be observed by more people so although the chances of intercepting them is nil they can still interfere with whatever might happen in the way of more reports that might cause undue public attention and\or alarm. It seems I may have answered my own question!

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