April 13, 2012 – La Verne, California – 7:45 PM PDT

Description: Today around 7:45 PM I saw a UFO! I know for a fact it was. I have watched a lot of shows about this and never thought I would actually see one, but I did! I was on my way home back from work about to make a left turn where there is no street light so I looked to my right side to check the traffic and at first only saw two spectacularly HUGE bright lights in the sky heading right toward me. There is an airport right next to the location called Brakket Airport in Pomona, CA so I at first thought it was a jet, but upon making my left turn now heading in the same direction of the aircraft, I realized that Brakket Airport doesn’t have jets land there since it’s only for small airplanes. At that point I was eagerly looking over my shoulder because I realized what I had seen was not normal. The aircraft’s decision of flight put it to my left and this time I specifically saw four very large bright lights unlike any lights I have seen on any aircraft. They weren’t blinking. There were 3 bright white lights and an orange one, the same size and everything. I heard no noise whatsoever unlike what I would hear from the usual airplanes that sometimes take that direct path to land in Brakket Airport. But the lights assembled the shape of a square it seemed. I can’t be for sure, but my personal guess is the 3 white lights I seen were on the sides of the aircraft and the orange one I had seen was on the bottom. It was cruising slow and steady in the sky, but fast enough to pass me. I kept looking at it and at the road to drive safe then suddenly as odd as it came it left. It was no where in sight. I looked everywhere in the sky where it could have flown and I would have seen it, but it wasn’t there. It could have landed it seems, or took off, or turned off it’s lights. I’ll never know. I seen this amazing sight for only 4 seconds I would say, one second when I first saw the two strange lights then three seconds as I saw the four lights. I would like to know if you have received any other reports of this from people in my area? This sighting was exactly southeast of the corner of White and Arrow highway in either La Verne or Pomona. I am not sure which. It was definitely flying west, almost directly parallel to Arrow Highway on the south side before it vanished shortly before White Highway.

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  1. josie says:

    I also live in La Verne and saw the same type of ocurrence as you did. I was in my backyard looking at stars and I saw three lights in the sky they came together to make a big ball of light and then voom they split up in a fast speed and went in different directions and that’s all.

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