April 13, 2013 – Brigham City, Utah – 8 PM MDT



Description: The witness called and reported his sighting on April 18. He was sitting on the porch in his backyard looking west. He noticed a pair of bright yellow lights that descended towards the ground. One light stopped and the other one moved south. The south light then moved back north and the lights came back together. The lights then ascended and vanished. The sighting occurred near dusk and there were a few clouds in the sky. I constructed the above animation based on the witness report. The actual sighting lasted nearly 15 minutes. The lights were slightly larger than stars.

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  1. Kenneth Larson says:

    The April 13, 2013, UFOs sighting at Brigham City, Utah, is about ten miles southeast of the celebrated films of circling UFOs taken by U.S. Navy member Delbert Newhouse near Tremonton, Utah, July 2, 1952. Tremonton and Brigham City are near Salt Lake, Utah. The area near Salt Lake was first settled by Mormon pioneers under the leadership of Brigham Young, July 24, 1847. In the early spring of 1820 near Palmyra, New York, the first Mormon Joseph Smith said he saw an object in the clear sky that grew in magnitude, slowly descended, lit tree branches in bright color, landed and two brilliant beings who looked human and standing in the air made clear to 14-year-old Joseph they were divine beings. Joseph had been chosen to reveal new knowledge to humanity. An angel named Moroni visited Joseph about 8 times or so between 1823 and 1827 and told him about a buried book of engraved metal plates within a stone box on nearby Hill Cumora near Palmyra. Joseph and his wife Emma recovered the engraved plates describing an ancient civilization possibly in Central America. With the Urim and Thummim buried with the plates, Joseph translated the plates and published this as The Book of Mormon in 1830. Independence, Jackson County, Missouri, is a sacred New Jerusalem site to Mormons.

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