April 13 (or 14), 2012 – Oak Grove, Missouri – 8:55 PM CDT


Description: I had just opened my garage door facing east to smoke a cigarette and let the dog go to the bathroom and immediately noticed a large light in front of me (east). It was kind of over Oak Grove (seemingly within a mile of me) about the size of grapefruit if held in front of one’s face. The color was identical to streetlight color (peach). It didn’t apear to be moving at first and I rubbed my eye thinking I was seeing a blur and it started moving slowly in a mostly north direction and slightly west. I ran to the front door to get my son and all in the house heard my urgency so all came running (2 sons (15 and 16)and 2 of their friends). My youngest son started recording with his cell phone (poor quality, but we have it). Anyway the light is moving slowly northwest and appears to be getting smaller not necessarily by distance. The object was maybe quarter sized now and as I am talking to my son looking at him I see out the corner of my eye what looks like a lightning flash and my son says holy $%*## at the same time and says it disappeared. This was maybe 2 minutes from beginning to end. I have tried hard to rationalize this sighting, but I have no explanation yet. Whiteman Air Force Base is kind of in that direction, but I am a combat veteran and can’t relate it to anything I have seen before. So I have no idea what we saw. I was hoping to find someone else that had seen it.

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