April 14, 2015 – Oxenhope, United Kingdom – 11:50 PM Local Time

Description: I am emailing you as I was looking at the internet last night after I saw something over West Yorkshire and I came across the sighting on your website saying to contact you if anyone saw anything else.

Basically, I was driving home above Oxenhope around 11.50 PM last night looking out for the ISS as I had received a notification on my I-phone app that it was passing near the UK.

Looking out in front of me, across Oxenhope towards the Lancashire/Long Causeway/Laneshaw Bridge, to the Northwest I saw what I thought might be a farm house light on a hillside. I considered this and decided that it was too high to be on a hill and was actually in the air. It was about the brightness of a house light from distance and was orange. It was around 4 times the size and brightness of any other planet or star in the sky.

I continued my journey, went through Oxenhope and ascended the hill towards Hebden Bridge. I could then see the light more clearly. It was to the North-Northwest and a few degrees above the horizon. It was much bigger and brighter than any other thing in the (Clear) night sky and was orange in color. It was not as bright orange as a street lamp, but more orange than Venus.

I took a few photographs and some film on my phone, but reviewing these it didn’t really come out as my phone is cracked and old. I also checked on my I-phone star chart and identified Venus towards the west and higher up that the object. I could also see that there was no other celestial object supposed to be where the object was.

In the 6 to 8 minutes that I was observing it, it didn’t appear to move at all. This was unusual as if it was a lantern or balloon it would have been blown by the stiff westerly breeze blowing. (You can hear the strong wind on the footage that I tried to record on my phone).

The object did dim and brighten a little and didn’t look like it was a pure sphere, instead it looked irregular in both size and shape.

I am sure it was not a planet/star/celestial body/satellite. (It was too big and non-shown on my live star chart). It was not an aircraft or helicopter (too big and stationary with no navigation lights). It was not balloon (too big and stationary) or meteor (not moving and, wrong color/shape).

Several cars passed me as I was watching it and one of them had stopped at the top of the hill possibly watching it too.

I reviewed my photographs which I had tried to take and looked back to see it had completely vanished in a couple of seconds. It did not re-appear.

I would like to hear if anyone else has seen anything in the sky over Oxenhope/Keighley West Yorkshire .

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