April 14, 2015 – Peacham, Vermont – 9:35 PM EDT

Description: I have lived in Peacham, VT since the fall of 2012. My porch, which I spend a lot of time on in the evenings, looks to the east. This is NOT first time that I have seen interesting lights in the sky in the evening eastern sky. THIS time (9:35 PM, 4/14/15) the first subject of perception appeared with 2 lights and extinguished within 3 seconds. It appeared stationary. Within another 5 seconds, three arrangements of light, aka “objects,” appeared, two ‘lower down’ and the third up to the right of the other two, in the same spatial vicinity and they were also stationary. There may have been two lights each? Within 4 or 5 seconds they too extinguished. Several heart beats later, a singular set of lights appeared with three lights in the same vicinity. The light from these objects was a warm white/soft bronze color, which is what I also witnessed in the fall of 2012 and fall 2013 (though the manifestation was slightly different). Staying on the porch further, within a few moments I saw a light appear and extinguish two more times, but it was below the top of the tree line, which at this time is devoid of leaves. It was noticeable, but there wasn’t a clear view regarding the number of lights and further descriptions. What makes me wonder if this was a UFO siting is that there was very subtle audible low rumbling in the first sighting. That the “objects” appeared stationary has me wondering.

Note: A check of weather conditions shows that skies were clear at the time of the sighting.

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2 Responses to April 14, 2015 – Peacham, Vermont – 9:35 PM EDT

  1. Madison says:

    I saw lights on April 14, 2015 around 8:15 PM. I’m near the Bradford area. My sighting was similar. At first I saw one huge bright star. (I thought it was a star.) It looked as if it was very slowly moving, but it may have been stationary. After maybe 3 to 4 seconds it disappeared. I thought maybe it was a shooting star. But then one appeared below that and to the right. This one did the same thing. It disappeared and the first one reappeared. Several lights appeared and then disappeared and then reappeared multiple times. They were not in any specific shape that I could tell. I saw them for about 10 to 15 seconds before they all were gone. There was no noise at all at this time. Let me know what you think.

    • Administrator says:

      Thanks much for sending in your report. You may have seen phenomenon that the witnesses saw in Peacham, VT although the times were slightly different.

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