April 18, 2012 – Palm Springs, California – 1:45 AM PDT



Description: Listen to Voice Mail Message of Witness Report (MP3)
One of the witnesses called and reported his sighting via a voice-mail message. I subsequently called the witness and interviewed both of the witnesses. The witnesses were returning home (Yucca Valley, CA) from Indio, California. They had visited a casino and neither had been drinking. They saw a bright light at the casino to the north and at first thought that it was the North Star. This was at around 11:45 PM on April 17. They were enroute to Yucca Valley and were turning right off of N. Indian Canyon DR to State Route 62. At that point they noticed a very bright white circular light (big as full moon). Suddenly the car stalled and lights went off. The starter would not even turn over. The witness attempted to take a photo with his cell phone, but his cell phone was dead. As soon as the light departed (to the Northeast) he was able to start his car and his cell phone began working. The woman witness was quite frightened. The car was a 2001 Toyota Corolla and had been well maintained. No problems with the car had been noted before or after this incident. The witness drove onto Yucca Valley and saw a highway patrol car close to his home. He flashed his lights at the patrol car. The patrol car drove to his location and they discussed the incident. The patrolmen had no other reports. At the time there was little traffic on the road. The weather was clear with temperatures in the low 70s. No sound was heard from the object.

The witness is a retired military police investigator for the Marine Corps. He had never seen anything like this. He contacted the 29 Palms Marine Corps Air Ground Center (close to where he lives). The base had no explanation and said that they would look into it and get back to him. The witness did not receive a return call from the base.

Written Report Submitted by Witness: My name is JW. The object I saw appeared to be a UFO. I spotted this object on two different occasions along with the female companion with me. The object was huge bigger than the 747 and had a continuing continuous bright glowing light. I could not make out the makeup of the shape of it because the light was so bright. I was traveling northwest on Indian Avenue, turning right on Route 67 traveling north towards Yucca Valley, California when I encountered this object. What startled me is when my vehicle cut off on me prior to me making the right hand turn. I attempted to start the vehicle back up, but it would not start. It did not give me any instrument indication the light did not come at all. I have a well-maintained vehicle. The maintenance work on the vehicle is up to date. I saw no reason why my vehicle should shut off at that point in time. This is not a crank call and maybe someone else may have seen the same thing I saw. Thank you and God bless. One additional thing I must add. When I attempted take a photo of the object my cell phone did not work. That was very bizarre to me.

Note: In ten years of UFO studies I have only received a handful of cases like this which I would label as “UFO Electromagnetic Interference.” I found the witnesses to be quite credible and very responsive to my questions.

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  1. Herbert S. Taylor says:

    Dear Mr. Puckett,

    This report is of particular interest to me, as I have been conducting a study of Vehicle Interference (VI) reports for the last couple of years. Note also that I am the author of two articles on VI reports that have been published in the International UFO Reporter (IUR), the quarterly publication of CUFOS. This particular VI report from the area of Palm Springs, CA, is typical of incidents that fall into this category. It is worthy of a first-hand investigation by a serious UFO researcher(s) in order to obtain as comprehensive account of what occurred as is possible. For instance, not clear in the account presented is whether or not the large circular light hovered at any point (and if so, for how long), how close the light actually came to the car, the total duration of the incident, and prevailing weather conditions? These are all important factors in presenting a complete report. I look forward to a thorough investigation being conducted, and for this report to acquire its proper place in the VI catalogue of such events. Thank you.

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