April 18, 2015 – Tacoma, Washington – 5:45 AM PDT

Description: I saw an unlighted solid object. At first it appeared to be a dark meteor trail, but was not descending, and maintained it’s solid appearance. I wondered if it was an aircraft, but it had no lights and was silent. While I stared at it, at about minute 2 it seemed to be partially disintegrating at the lower extremity, but that stopped at around 2 minutes 20 seconds. It was at it’s largest size (seemed to be 1,000 ft. altitude perhaps over the Tacoma dome). Finally it appeared smaller and smaller as it seemed to be heading north eastward toward Auburn.

Response of Witness to Investigator Questions: It was a dark rod-shaped object. I am surprised no-one else has reported it. It seemed to get larger and distinct at which point the disintegration or shedding off of it’s lower extremity occurred and it subsequently got further and further northeast.

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