April 18 – May 6, 2014 – Newport Beach, California



Description: Hey William: Hope this finds you well and in good spirits! I have been keeping up on your site and appreciate the great work you’ve been doing! Here’s a new series of UFO captures for your review please. I filmed from my deck in Newport Beach, CA over the past few weeks from April 18 to May 5, 2014. I am hoping you’ll consider for post.

UFO Sightings: Electromagnetic Morphing UFO(!) Triangle Formation ORBS:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YKt6MbI9H7Y (Preview)

Witness Description:

Filmed on April 18 thru May 6, 2014 from my deck in Newport Beach CA. There has been high amounts of UFO activity! The video covers 12+ UFO captures filmed during the day and night. We highlighted the best clips from the past few weeks.

The first captures features an amazing morphing UFO that shows signs electromagnetic energy emanating from the craft at 1:08. New sightings of low flying orb crafts in my neighborhood at 3:37. I have never seen orbs fly this low. Night Vision UFO’s and fast walker orbs were filmed with my Gen 3 LRS Scout at 7:42.

Also a great sighting happened at the studio while working this video! We decided to take a break from the arduous process video editing and went for a walk outside to relax. While sitting on the grass we noticed a large bright light UFO in the sky above us. It was hovering slowly and visible to the naked eye. I ran inside and grabbed the studio camera and captured a few shots of this amazing large craft. It was also my birthday and a great present!

The last capture at 12:11 shows a single orb and cluster of orbs flying in sync which are at a very low altitude just above the tree line in Newport Beach California.

The footage was captured with a Canon 7D camera and Canon Telephoto Lens EF 100-400mm, with 2 extender, and a Sony HX3-NX3 camcorder, with Gen 3 LRS Scout for Night Vision.

Thanks again for your consideration and keep up the great work! Please let me know if you need any additional information.

All the best and look forward to your feedback!

Note: The witness is a professional photographer and has an uncanny knack for catching strange objects in the sky. He has access to high end camera equipment. The above video and text documents his recent work.

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