April 19, 2013 – Indianapolis, Indiana – 8:45 to 9 PM EDT

Description: On Friday night, 4/19/2013, Indianapolis, Indiana zip 46217 in the southwest corner of Marion CO I was returning from the grocery store, unloading the car and something I sensed said turn around. As I turned around and looked up there sat this huge round object in the sky that was changing colors from yellow to orange and then red and glowing. It was about 100 to 200 feet up over the house across the street. My grandson said: “look It’s a comet!” (H is 5 years old.) I said: That’s not a comet honey, go in the house and get daddy. Mommy and daddy came out and they both saw it too. It was still there when they came out! They whole episode lasted about 3 minutes.

It then started moving without a single sound. It made no noise whatsoever. It rapidly took off and went southwest over the tree line towards Martinsville and was gone in a matter of seconds. It disappeared so fast once it took off. It wasn’t anything I have seen in my entire life. This was witnessed by 3 adults and 1 child.

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