May 19, 2014 – Holts Summit, Missouri – 10:22 PM CDT



Description: The witness has had frequent sightings of unexplained aerial phenomena and has taken many photos and videos. One of the better photos is displayed in this report. (The witness described this sighting as similar to “Kenneth Arnold’s Saucer Sighting in 1947.”) The photo was taken with a Canon Powershot Camera. Some of the other more compelling photos and videos will be posted in subsequent reports. The witness wrote an executive summary highlighting experiences:

This “Introduction” tells a little of why I decided to start documenting my experiences into this file and begins  giving one a general idea of what has been going on here in Holts Summit Missouri the last few years through the Executive Summary of Best Pictures & Videos. However the real depth of detailed information is contained in subsequent files; 2010-2014 Sightings, Historical and Summary, Files links posted above (please update your bookmarks). As I do in many places, I swear this is all real. Nothing is faked or fabricated, and my testimony is all complete as I can make it (though my memory on some
of the older dates times etc. is as close as I can recall and if I remember anything – hey I am getting old – and I might update these from time to time with anything I recollect). Please forgive typos on my Ipad . The virtual keyboard and auto-correct sometimes puts what it wants. Forgive my grammatical errors. The  file is not a book, but just an attempt to document the truth.

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