April 19. 2014 – Port Townsend, Washington – 11 PM

Description: Tonight, 4/19/14 at 11:00 PM we saw a dozen golden lights rising in the east. They were clusters and individuals in the same flight pattern. They made no sound. They wre a steady rather beautiful golden color. They disappeared when approximately overhead. They were below the scattered clouds. We saw the same phenomena about a year ago, but slightly more to the northeast. Marrowstone Island Naval Base is to our east (no airfield to my knowledge). Oak Bay Naval Air Station is to our northeast with extensive airfields.

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  1. Daniel Wend says:

    Saw what appeared to be similar lights tonight emanating from the direction of Tacoma (and Joint Base Lewis/McMchord) – as seen from the north, in Des Moines, WA, on – 4/26/14 at about midnight. My guess is the lights were Chinese lanterns, though they seemed a little unusual/regular in their motions. I took photos and video to study later.

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