April, 1972 – St. Helena, California – 2 to 3 AM PDT

Description: I just watched a story about underwater UFO’s on the history Channel, which reminded me of two UFO events I witnessed about 1972 when I was 26. I am 67 now. Lap top’s weren’t born yet. I was checking thermometers temperatures in our vineyard in April for frost danger, about mid morning (2-3 A.M. ). As I was driving up to our house I looked out over the vineyard, and I saw an extremely large, 100 feet.+ wide saucer shaped object hovering over the vineyard. It had red, green and white lights. There was a pronounced dome on the top. I had the window down in my car and there was no audio noise of any kind. It was 300 yards from me, and 100 yards in the sky above the ground. I watched it for 4 to 5 minutes. I had a strange feeling come over me, which scared me, so I drove home 2 minutes to my house and went to bed. I looked back at it as I left and it didn’t move, staying in the same place. I was very curious, but also afraid, because of stories about aliens abducting people. On another occasion, about the same time of the morning of that summer I looked out my window toward the vineyard. A white bright light was illuminating a dry grass field about 100 yards wide by 200 yards long, which amazed me. The field was as if it were daylight, a white square cut out of the black night. This grass field adjoined the vineyard where I had seen my earlier sighting. That morning I told my Mexican employee. He had seen it too. He told me that he had seen UFO’s in Mexico. He saw one land and saw creatures coming out of it. When I was younger (10 to12) I saw a bright light in the daytime. It was so bright, like stainless steel. This band of brilliant light went across the sky horizontally and seemed to be 100 feet. tall. It was there just for an instant. I have never have seen anything like it since. I had a curiosity for flying, since I was 6 years. old and I got a private pilot’s license in 1984. I have only told one person about this story. Since, this person told a story of his sighting first, I felt comfortable that he wouldn’t think I was nuts. The night I saw the saucer I had completed driving a mile and a half around my vineyard and I had not seen anything in the sky. When I looked out my door window it was just there hovering, silently.

Note: Flying disk sightings were quite common in the “sighting wave” of the early to mid 1970’s.

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