April 2, 2012 – Stockton, Illinois – 12:10 to 12:50 AM CDT

Sketch of Triangle Prepared by Witness.

Sketch of Triangle Prepared by Witness.


Description: I live out in the country SE of Stockton, IL. It is a sparsely inhabited area, and there are not many house lights. We can hear an airplane that is so high you can barely see it, and a car more than a mile down the road.

When I went to bed last night, about 12:15 AM, there is a window next to our bed that faces North. I laid down and saw a very bright object in the sky to the NE. I thought it was strange because the moon was bright, so the stars were hardly visible, and it had been cloudy all day. Then I realized that it was too large to be an airplane high up, or a star. I got out of bed and went to the window to get a clearer look.

The object was triangular with the point facing straight up, and glowed like several stars close together in a triangular configuration. It was NOT the Seven Sisters constellation. It was much brighter. Nor was it Taurus because Taurus is much much more spread out. I’ve never seen either of these constellations from our window before.

On closer look, there were four green lights making a square in the center of the widest spot, and possibly one in the peak. There were two red lights at the bottom of the triangle that came on and off sporadically and independently. Occasionally a red light would flicker in other areas of the triangle. The lights were very close together, and I’m not sure if there were more lights, or the object glowed because it reflected the moon light. It did not move like an airplane or helicopter. It just sort of hovered in one spot. Occasionally a bright white search type light would come on and scan down toward the ground. The movement of this light left faint contrails in the night sky that showed its pattern of movement. When I closed my eyes, the contrails were still visible in my sight so I stopped looking when the light scanned.

When I first got out of bed, I noted the clock was at 12:20. I thought of calling the police, but I would get them out of bed. I didn’t want to wake my husband, because he had to get up at 4:30 AM and drive 3.5 hours to his client’s location. I figured the object would disappear as soon as I tried to tell someone. I didn’t know who else to call.

I laid down in bed again and continued to watch the object. It didn’t move or change position other than a little hover movement in the same spot. It made no noise. It was creepy, but not threatening. If it was an April Fool trick, it was a good one, because the object was up high enough that it was hard to tell how large or high it was. If it was small, it was at least as high as the top of a 100+ year old fir tree. But it looked to be larger than an aiplane, and many miles away and high.

The last time I looked at the clock it was 12:46 AM. I fell asleep after that and did not awake again until 6:00 AM when my husband woke me to say goodbye.

I drew the object with Powerpoint, so it is not very detailed.

Second Report by Witness: I have been meaning to send you one more update on this. The object was there when I went to bed around midnight again on Tuesday night 4/3. It was farther away and just a bit South of due East of our house. I did not sit and watch it long, and I did not see the ‘search’ light again. Since then I have not found it in the night sky from our bedroom windows. Because there are woods across the back of our property something would have to be close for us to see it from the ground or first floor.

Note: A check of weather showed that skies were clear at the time of the sighting. However, this does not mean that the witness mis-identified a constellation as a UFO.

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