April 2, 2013 – Orange Grove, Mississippi – 4:40 AM to 5 AM CDT

Description: This morning on April 2nd, 2013 I was outside about 4:40 to 5 AM looking up into the sky when I saw a white non blinking light race past a bunch of stars. There was no sound and only one light. When I called my husband out he could not see it. When I took my glasses off I could not see it with the naked eye nor could my husband. When I put them back on I saw it again only for it to disappear within a few seconds. Was this a satellite or what? I have more of a question than a claim. there was no glare in my glasses and no other light to inhibit my view or to reflect what I was seeing. It just seemed that my glasses had to be on to see it at all. I just moved here from the big smoggy city and I love to watch the stars. That is why I was outside to start with. I have been doing this routine every morning for 2 months now and this morning I saw something. Thanks for your time.

Note: Several satellites were bright enough to be observed at the time of the reported sighting. The witnesses likely saw a satellite.

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  1. Rob Hood says:

    I would love to interview you for a documentary “My UFO Story”. Please reply to hoodrobert68@yahoo.com

  2. Carol says:

    I guess I will have to keep looking!

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