April 20, 2012 – Indio, California – 10 PM PDT


Description: On April 20, 2012 while in Indio, CA at the Coachella music festival, 3 friends and I were laying in the Empire Polo field watching the light show (coordinated with the music at the festival). We then noticed 3 smaller white lights seemingly unassociated with the rest of the lights. At first I dismissed it as a plane as the lights were flying in a linear formation and were seemingly at the same height that planes would fly at. However, as we continued to watch, the lights began to move out of a linear formation into triangular formation and weave in and out of each other. We watched the lights pass over the festival grounds and disappear into the distance. I absolutely do not believe they were festival lights as we were watching the sky for quite some time that evening and never saw anything similar to those 3 lights again. Also all the festival lights could be traced back to the ground by their beams. These 3 lights had no beams. They appeared to be about 2 to 3 times larger than the stars in the sky. It was approximately 10 PM.

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