April, 2003 – West Palm Beach, Florida – 2:30 PM EDT

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Description: We saw a V shaped object the size of a football field each corner had a round light. The color was green, flying just over the fir Christmas trees about 20 to 30 feet tall. It flew very very slow almost three to five miles per hour over our car crossing the two lane road going from the south. It continued to fly north. It made no sound at all. This was in Florida off the highway or freeway 75. We were driving east towards the freeway on a back wood road. We took a short cut. This happened in the spring of 2003. I stopped to take a picture, but my husband panicked and said don’t stop. The picture didn’t come out clear. This was my second sighting. My first was in west palm beach, Around 3:30 in the morning, while going to work. That sighting happened in 1997. The craft was round and it came out from the lake went straight up 30 to 50 feet. It went slowly across the four lane road. Ten lights were around the bottom all lit in white, but as it passed the road and started to go up it grew in size. The lights changed in color from white to red and yellow. It was shaped like the letter D. THE BOTTOM WAS THE FLAT SIDE. Then as it cruised across the country fields it just shot up into the stars.

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