August, 2012 – Ft. Smith, Arkansas

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Description: This video was shot in August of last year (2012). I started noticing these things back in April of 2012. Literally, just out of the corner of my eye was when I captured my first one. Doubting that I would ever see something like that again, I kept going out every night after that (pretty much every night) from April of 2012 thru October of 2012. Out of those months, the most active month, hands down, would have had to have been May of 2012. After the month of August, 2012, the activity pretty much went to zero. I have yet to see anything like these things since Spring of 2012.

This year, 2013, I got to thinking that maybe I might get lucky and see these things again. Well, needless to say I haven’t seen them at ALL! I’m not going to give up though, as I am still going to be going out in the backyard of my house every other night or so for a good two to three hours to see if I might get lucky again.

I live in a military town, Fort Smith, Arkansas, but these things made absolutely NO NOISE! Some flew as low as just a few hundred feet and some were flying at altitudes so high that they literally looked like a very slow moving star. They were that high up in altitude.

Anyhow, if you have the appropriate software and hardware to possibly be able to figure out the true shape of whatever these crazy things are by all means, please, please let me know will you?

Alright, well enjoy the first one.

P.S.- The video might have some shaky points in it because at the time of this video and many of my others I didn’t have a tripod/stand for my digital camera. So forgive me for that.

This video shows one of the brighter, low flying ones. If I had to guess this thing was MAYBE, at the MOST 600 feet up in altitude and made absolutely NO noise whatsoever. You can see the movement of the object as it flies behind a very tall acorn tree in my front yard. This video and all of my other videos were filmed behind my house in my backyard because there is little to no light pollution back there.

Thanks, Mr. Puckett.

Note: I was unable to find any background features to determine movement of the orb. One could say that this could be a video of the moon. However, this is quite unlikely as the witness rarely sees these orbs and I have no reason to suspect a hoax.

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2 Responses to August, 2012 – Ft. Smith, Arkansas

  1. Kenneth Larson says:

    I got an email on finding fault with me because I repeated on a prior statement or personal opinion that UFOs with an intelligent Creator could have created, measured and designed our solar system and other worlds. But I meant my comment as a teaching tool to enlighten others just as a college professor repeats material over and over from one semester to another as a teaching tool meant to enlighten people.

  2. Kenneth Larson says:

    The 2012 Fort Smith Arkansas oval white object reportedly filmed by the witness is similar in shape to the oval white object I saw over Seattle, Washington, July 4, 1947, and to a similar photo of an oval white object taken by Frank Ryman near Seattle on July 4, 1947. A bus driver also saw a similar object same time circa 5:30 PM July 4, 1947. I have always felt the July 4, 1947, UFOs related to the Declaration of Independence of the United States of America on July 4, 1776. That is, an opening up of UFOs en masse around the world to enlighten the human race. I felt the UFOs were related to the intelligent creation, measuring and designing of our nine planet solar system and other worlds along with the acts of an intelligent Creator that the Bible states (Genesis, Isaiah, Job) had human form and that humans were made in God’s image. This seems reasonable and logical to me.

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