April 22, 1998 – Portland, Oregon – 9:30 PM PDT

Description: Many years ago (1998 to be precise) a friend and I were coming home from shopping late at night. We were doing a play for our childrens’ theater and had to get some props. The sighting was in Portland, Oregon (in a southwest neighborhood) April 22, 1998 at approximately 9:30 PM. When we rounded a corner, we came to a screeching halt. Above a very old fir tree was a huge, round object—glowing yellow. It was so close. (The tree was in a yard right next to the street.) And it looked as though it were sitting on top of the tree—maybe 50 feet or more in the air. It was at least 25 feet. across. It could even have been bigger.

After a few minutes, the object went from hovering to blasting off faster than it is able to be conceived, soundlessly. It seemed to be going away from us, to the west.

We didn’t know what to do. We waited to see if there were any reports in the media about it. It seemed inconceivable that no one else had witnessed it, although it was somewhat late in the evening for folks to be outside and looking up in the sky. There was nothing in the news.

It is only now that I discovered the UFO Reporting Center and thought that we should relay what we saw. My friend and I would like to go on record as witnessing this unexplained event. This was no man-made craft. Nor was it just some kind of light. It was a solid object, suspended in the sky.

I am writing to tell you about it because there is such a gap in time between the sighting and the reporting.

Do with it what you will.

Witness Response to Investigator Questions: Yes, I suppose you would characterize it as a disc. The effect was almost round. I am bad at estimating size, but it was huge, like a harvest moon. It was so close to us, as I said. The sighting was on a very small road (Dosch Road) in SW Portland. I don’t have an address, but I could get the address of the house the next time I go by if you need it. My apologies for not reporting it sooner. As I said, I had no idea there even was a place to report it.

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  1. Barbara Griffith says:

    This sounds like a good report. It’s too bad there were no photos taken. If they had a camera at the time, it would probably have caused a sensation.

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