April 24, 2015 – North Merritt Island, Florida – 9:30 PM EDT

Description: MY MOM AND I JUST SAW THEM! We live in North Merritt Island, Florida. I was standing on the back porch and happened to look up and I saw two glowing orange orbs floating through the sky. One was on top of another and when I called my mom to look at them they had moved and formed a triangle and then disappeared like “poof”! Then not even 5 seconds later two more appeared and were very bright orange red glowing orbs that moved in the same direction as the previous ones. They didn’t form a triangle though. They got dimmer and haut pretty much dissipated and disappeared. Then all of a sudden there were about 100 planes in the sky all going towards were it happened. I live in between Patrick Air Force Base and NASA. It kind of freaked us out so we went searching online and we found this blog! All of your stories are the exact same as what we saw! And our cameras would not work at all. We have professional grade cannons and they wouldn’t focus on anything outside. Then after the orbs disappeared and my mom and I came inside, they worked perfectly and I also took a picture of a tree outback. But it wouldn’t work before. Is anyone else a little freaked out?

Note: It sounds like that the lights could be military flares given the proximity to military bases and the sudden appearance of aircraft.

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