April 27, 2013 – Over Atlantic Ocean – 1:30 AM GMT (9:30 PM ADT)

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Description: We were a three man crew flying a FEDEX MD-11 from Paris, France to Memphis, TN Saturday night, April 27, 2013. At approximately 47.00N/050.00W, 0130Z – 28APR13, FL340, heading 280 Magnetic, we noticed an object almost directly in front of us and about 45 degrees from the horizon that went from dim to bright, to dim again and then disappear. This only went across about two inches of sky as we looked at it, lasted about twenty seconds, was very bright and then was gone. It was very high and obviously in space. We really couldn’t decide on whether it was coming toward us, or going away. The moon was bright off our left side and behind, but visible from the left window. The sun was on the other side of the earth. We assumed that we saw a meteor ricochet off the atmosphere and didn’t think anything of it. Both of us sitting in the cockpit saw it. Then, a short time later, we saw it again in the same area of sky, same duration, same brightness. We thought that it couldn’t be another meteor, so our next thought was that it was the space station and we were seeing it being reflected off the sun. But it happened fairly close to the last sighting and we thought that it couldn’t have gone around the earth in that amount of time. Then, we saw it again. This time I started my clock to time the event. Then, we saw it again. It had only been 8 1/2 minutes. Our second pilot came into the cockpit and we briefed him on the sighting. We darkened the lights, and at about the 8 1/2 minute timeframe, we saw it again. We ended up watching this thing come and go every 8 1/2 minutes, (plus or minus a few seconds) for almost 2 hours. The final sightings were about 42.00N/070.00W and about 03:30Z, 28APR13; two hours later. Though we were traveling about 6 miles a minute westbound, and the earth was rotating, the object kept getting lower on the horizon until it wasn’t visible anymore. I did get a short video of it from my iPad, but it doesn’t show much, and the object wasn’t as bright as our earlier sighting. I have never seen anything like this in my 19,000 hours of flying and can only assume that it’s some sort of government object, but for it to be repeatedly seen for so long and so consistent, is a mystery.

Witness Response to Questions: Thank you for the response. As I reported, the sightings began about 47.00N/050.00W at about 0130Z on 28APR13, FL340. It progressively got lower in the sky as the earth rotated, and we last saw it about two hours later, 0330Z, at about 42.00N/070.00W, and FL360. The sky conditions were clear with no clouds above or below almost the entire time. My video was late in the sighting, after watching it for over an hour, and it wasn’t as bright as it was when we first noticed it. We were communicating with ATC via our FMS system and SAT Phone installed in the aircraft (i.e. typing messages and receiving responses via the computer). In the latter part of the sighting we were in VHF communications with Gander. We elected not to mention anything via radio, make any report, or file any company report. Normally at this time of evening, only us freight aircraft are flying westbound, and the passenger airlines are flying eastbound. I would have asked on the oceanic VHF frequency we monitor if anyone was looking at this, but I figured they were all going in the other direction. There were no TCAS aircraft seen near us the entire time (this is normally +/- 3000′, and within 40 nm). Unfortunately, only the three of us were there to experience and enjoy it. I hope this helps!

Note: We have received several comments that the object was likely a tumbling geostationary (or nearly geostationary) satellite. These satellites are normally not visible to the naked eye, but perhaps at 35,000 feet they are more visible?

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13 Responses to April 27, 2013 – Over Atlantic Ocean – 1:30 AM GMT (9:30 PM ADT)

  1. Bitch Boy says:

    Could this have been a MARKING event, a communication from our elders alerting us to something that we should look into? Do we not wonder what may have been in the cargo hold of this MD-11 from Paris to Memphis? Could there Possibly be a FRESHLY RELOADED package of Boom Boom on board?

  2. ThomasT says:

    Yes, definitely a UFO! How about IFO? Here at http://www.theyfly.com. Wakey, wakey, we have open contact. Waiting for NASA/SETI/Goverment is what ‘they’ expect of you.

  3. David M. says:

    I believe this was probably an “Iridium Flare”, the sun glinting off of the flat aluminum antenna of a low-earth orbit Iridium satellite. Iridium flares last about 20 seconds, go from dim to as bright as magnitude -8 and fade away over this time period. They also occur soon after sunset or soon before sunrise when the observer is in shadow and the satellite is still in sunshine. There are some websites which will predict Iridium flares for a given location so you can predict your very own UFO sightings.

    • Administrator says:

      Hi: You are right that Iridium flares do flash. However, this object was visible for two hours at 8.5 minute intervals. Iridium flares would be orbiting and not be visible for two hours.

      • Jack L. Metcalfe says:

        The Admin is absolutely correct here. Iridium flares last for at most 10 – 20 seconds including the time building to peak brightness. This event lasted a couple of hours with a repeating period of naked-eye brightness every 8 1/2 minutes.

  4. Dick says:

    If you like, I could put you in touch with a new RA who used to
    fly for Fed Ex, now retired and living in the L.A. area. Just let
    me know.
    Thanks for this report which I will file in my aircat files. If you
    should learn anything more please let me know.

  5. Jack L. Metcalfe says:

    My guess would be a tumbling satellite (due to the 8 1/2 minute visibility period) that was nearly geosynchronous, but drifting westward, roughly the same direction the aircraft was moving, but at a faster clip.

    • Administrator says:

      A geosynchronous (or nearly geosynchronous) satellite would not be visible as they are very high.

      • Jack L. Metcalfe says:

        There are some near-geosynchronous satellites visible to the naked eye. Here’s a message to an Astronomy Forum from a few years ago concerning an unid flasher finally identified as LES-8:

        “This is the near-geosync object LES 8 (1976-23A, NCat #08746). We saw 7 naked-eye flashes last night from Austin, TX from 3:04 UT until 3:16 UT (9/14). This was about 14 minutes earlier than the brightest flashes seen the previous night. But I assume that the times of brightest flashes will be quite a bit different for other latitudes and longitudes.

        The flash period was 123.8 seconds on Monday night (9/13 UT) and 122.8 seconds on Tuesday night (9/14 UT), so it decreased by 1 second in 1 day.”

        • Administrator says:


          That is news to me. I will do a search on this satellite. I am curious to know the altitude of this satellite.

          Thanks for your comments.

  6. Harv says:

    As the air crew suggested, evidently it was something in space. The timed appearances speak of a rotation of the body which was far enough away to be catching sunlight despite the sun being on the other side of the earth. We can surmise that this object was rotating (perhaps to create its own artificial gravity field) and of an immense size far beyond any earthly ship or space station we can imagine.

    • ThomasT says:

      High tech ships don’t need to rotate to create gravity. The Pleiadian Mission by Randolph Winters explains some of ‘their’ tech which is still far too advanced for us to back engineer.

  7. Allan Rodzinski says:

    There is an underwater Big Eye base in this location. It is known of for a long time. The movement of these craft are restricted somewhat because they can be monitored.

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