April 27, 2014 – Asheville, North Carolina – 2:30 AM EDT

Description: I was driving on I-240 East just past Exit 7 In Asheville, NC. I saw a weird object in the sky.

I am not sure of the size of it as I only saw this object between literally 1 second to just under 2 seconds. It was going 5 to 10x faster than any jet or plane I have ever seen. If I had to guess I would say it was longer than a jet, but not as long as a plane, but 3 to 5X wider than either.

The only reason I even noticed it is because the entire object had this constant green Light to it over the entire object, almost exactly the same color and intensity of a green stop light. This light wasn’t blinking or pulsing. It was just a continuous bright green light.

The object appeared in the upper middle part of my windshield and zoomed forward at an insane speed and just disappeared to what may have been over a mountain. I am not sure as it was at night.

I have tried to think of a reasonable explination for this object and I am just not able to.

It was not a reflection of light from a traffic light, as I was on the interstate and where I was located halfway between exits there were no traffic lights there and the object went forward at an angle the same way I was driving past where I was driving. The best way to describe the shape of the object was like an arrowhead type shape that was just a little bit more round with no shaft at the end, a triangle type shape, but a roundish triangle. I don’t know how else to describe it. I am not even sure if that is arrow dynamic.

Anyway I didn’t report this to anyone else as I would rather not anyone think I am crazy and have been trying to come up with a logical explination for what I saw, but I just have not been able to and maybe you can. The constant bright green light and the speed of the object is just what I cannot explain and never seen before.

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