April 27, 2014 – Bellingham, Washington – 11 PM PDT

Description: Hello! I saw a V formation of Orange lights over Bellingham last night.

The lights were orange and diamond or bird shaped (the chevron shape a child would draw a bird). The first pair we saw sort of chased each other and wiggled a lot, enough to make me think it might have been some space junk falling. But it went fast and straight into the distance. Then there was a V formation of five or six going in the same direction on the same path about five minutes later. Then a lone one showed up. Then another pair went by side by side. And then ten or twenty minutes later they flew back from the direction they had gone in a bigger V formation. They were not going the same way they had come more of 90 degree angle from some farther away point. We were star gazing on a roof when we spotted these. They were silent and moved about as fast as I have seen fighter jets go. (Which these may have been?) They were silent though. There were no physics defying movements. the formations were not perfect. It was really clear out. The lights seemed like they may have been heading for the Bellingham airport, but they were very low and we saw no planes or plane lights or shapes connected to the moving lights. The lights did not leave trails.

I also reported to the National UFO Reporting Center and when they contacted me. They said there were many sightings that night around Lake Whatcom. (The lake is located about 10 miles east of Bellingham.)

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