April 28, 2013 – New Jersey



Description: Thank you so much for getting back to me! I am really lost, but I am surely seeking answers, or some kind of closure. Everyday that goes by, I feel that I get more and more lost because of what happened. Here is what I pasted on many sites on the 29th, just a couple weeks ago when this all happened. Also, I am in New Jersey.

Ok, I am a little nervous to even put this out there. It is 4/29/2013 and last night something happened. I was in a dream, or at least I think it was a dream. It was so real, but I never left the couch. As far as I remember I was in a scene where we were some kind of military, but older military, not recent equipment or anything. Then one scene I am literally on top of a submarine because it had surfaced and docked. I am not sure where this was, but then next there were ships everywhere and then people started getting pulled to the sky. I ran and got inside. The next scene sounds funny, but I was going to the bathroom in a nasty toilet that had not been cleaned for a long time. After that, I was just walking through this place, and wham! I am pulled up. I just know it was some kind of aliens or something that we were running from. And at one point I was in something, like an incubator type thing, but I didn’t see the alien, nor did I see them working on me. I just remember struggling and screaming, bright lights and then some kind of burn on my wrist area. When I woke up this morning, I actually have this mark on my wrist and I cannot explain it. I looked at everything around me, and even try to imprint things that were around me on my arm to see if it matched, and nothing! What has happened? The mark almost looks like a triangle burn mark, but instead of a pointed tip its a straight tip. What the heck went on? (Note: see photo above that witness took of himself of the marks mentioned in his report.)

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  1. Kenneth Larson says:

    Mormon tradition articles of the 19th century and the Bible speak of a time of great tribulation and warfare on earth between battling earth-armies, when the hosts of heaven or angels (perhaps UFOs) would hover over fleeing groups of people like huge umbrellas so as to protect them and lift them up to safety. In the Bible (St. Matthew 24), people are asked during a time of great tribulation and war to not flee back inside their houses but to get up on roof tops and mountain tops to be saved or possibly lifted up to safety (possibly by huge UFOs such as the huge UFO seen by many over Phoenix, Arizona, March 1997, one mile wide, and another huge UFO over the Klondike area near Alaska around 1986 and seen by a Japanese airliner crew). Mormon prophets of the 19th and 20th centuries say they with others will return to Missouri (the Zion center) from Utah during a time of great tribulation with angels hovering overhead to guide and enlighten them or a cloud by day and fire by night.

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