April 4, 2015 – La Conner, Washington – 8:30 to 9 PM PDT



Listen to Clip of Witness Report (YouTube):

Center map

Description: The witness was opening a bedroom door and looked outside. She saw a very large orange-yellow orb approaching from the west. The orb was followed by 7 more similar orbs. The orbs flew to the east, stopped, hovered and then changed direction at a 90 degree angle and flew to the south. The witness’s husband also saw the orbs. Skies were clear at the time of the sighting. No sound was heard and no aircraft were in the area. The witness’s husband snapped a photo of one of the orbs. (See above.) A clip of my interview with the witness is also available above. The witnesses live close to Whidbey Naval Air Station which is to the northwest. They have lived in the area for 31 years and have never seen anything like this. They have viewed many civilian and military aircraft.

Note: The orbs are not military flares as there were no aircraft in the area and the objects changed direction at a 90 degree angle. This also rules out Chinese Lanterns. The one photo taken shows a very irregular shaped object with a spectrum to yellow orange colors. The photo was taken at high resolution (Panasonic Model DMC-ZS35 camera). The photo was at a resolution of 4608 by 3456 pixels. This resolution facilitates analysis of considerable detail. Also the shape of the object depicted on the photo is likely real given that the exposure time was only 1/4 seconds and the objects were observed to have been hovering or moving slowly.

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