April 5, 2013 – Ft. Worth, Texas – 11:36 PM CDT



Description: I saw a fireball that moved at the speed of a plane, but made no noise. It looked like a flame.

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  1. Kenneth Larson says:

    According to the Los Angeles Times, California, police and local residents saw bright, egg-shaped objects that landed on the ground around Levelland, Texas, between 10:30 PM on November 2 and 1:30 AM on November 3, 1957. The presence of the objects knocked out car ignitions and headlights. Levelland is due west of Fort Worth, Texas. I visited Levelland and did research on the case and also nearby Lubbock, Texas, where UFOs were filmed on August 30, 1951. Texas seems to attract UFOs. The reason is that on my topographical maps of America, Levelland is a key site on a line extending from the Mount Rainier 9 UFOs on June 24, 1947, Salt Lake, Utah and circling UFOs on July 2, 1952, and the 1957 Levelland UFO landings or a ten-year 1947-1952-1957 pattern on a line about 1,335 miles long. My two illustrated and published books of 2005-2006 (now out of print) and my research drawings show how the choice lands of America, North America and South America are measured and designed possibly by the UFOs with an intelligent Creator along with the designed circle of the Earth and the nine planets of the solar system.

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