April 8, 2015 – De Pere, Wisconsin



Listen to Recording of Interview With Witness (YouTube):

Description: This was found in my back on April 8. I have severe degenerative disc disease. I also have essential tremors, or Parkinson’s. Strange things have happened in my living room at night, like objects floating across the room. One time it looked like clouds. Another time I saw something that looked like a small bird nest, and then another a large nest. My dog freaked out a couple of times, but I didn’t see anything. I burned sage and she calmed down. I feel good now without the tremors, and a lot less pain in my back. MY DOCTORS ARE VERY CONFUSED. I don’t plan on having anything done, but would like to know more about it.

Note: The witness has been contacted for more information. The “cursor” that shows up in the lower center of the X-Ray is due to the fact that a camera was used to take a photo of the X-Ray displayed on a computer. The doctor provided the woman a CD with her X-Rays. I am trying to ascertain if the woman had previous X-rays of the area and if the object was present. I am assuming that the object first showed up on the April 8 X-ray? The woman says that her doctors have no explanation for the object. The woman has no scars in the area where the object shows up on the X-ray. Although she doesn’t recall specific “abduction” or alien encounters, she has had strange experiences lately which include her pet dog. The woman is handicapped and has other physical problems. The object clearly looks artificial and does not appear to be any kind of growth. I have sent the X-ray to a radiologist to get his opinion. Updates will be posted. Of course I have no way of proving that the X-ray is real and is from the person who sent it me.

Update April 23, 2015: Obviously many “experts” have weighed in that this is a “manmade” device probably with a medical function. I don’t claim to know everything and sometimes go with what the witness tells me and I use sometimes rely on information from commenters. I also have obtained feedback from 2 physicians (see one comment below). One of the physicians is a radiologist he wrote the following: It looks like an implantable electronic device. Alternatively, given the patient’s history, it could be something external. A timer taped to the detector assembly or even a necklace-time piece she was wearing. Best thing is to repeat. If she never had anything place there, it will be gone.

Second Interview With Witness: The witness says that the device was not present on her X-Rays previous to the April 8, 2015 X-Rays. The previous X-Rays were taken in October of 2014.

Update May 3, 2015: The witness followed through on her promise and sent me the original CD Rom containing her X-rays. This CD Rom was provided to her by her doctor. I viewed the X-rays and found the device. I copied the CD Rom and returned the original to the witness. The witness also contacted me and said that her “follow-up” X-rays did not show the device. Therefore it is obvious that the object was something external like a Life-Alert unit.

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30 Responses to April 8, 2015 – De Pere, Wisconsin

  1. Sue says:

    You “burned sage”?

    Unless you’re covered by the blood of the cross you’ll end up as a dissected carcass on some alien ship.

  2. walt says:

    This is scam. There is not enough fat or tissue to hold/hide something that large next to the spine without it protruding and causing pain and being obvious without an X-ray. The object clearly holds a round battery. It must be a joke/fraud/scam.

    • Administrator says:

      Several physicians have commented that the object is likely an implanted medical device. Some have implanted such devices.

  3. sam says:

    Don’t even try dear. This woman is hallucinating. It’s an intrathecal pump or morphine pump. They are usually are given for pain and they need to be filled up on regular basis. I have implanted several of them in patients who suffer chronic pain.

  4. Some girl says:

    This doesn’t look like the other alien implants I have seen. They are real, but sound experimental. But I’m not going to judge yet. I have seen implants in xrays and in pictures. The Doctor that used to take them out died last year unfortunately. It does look human as most of the implants I have seen have more of like a meteor metal around it, but not all and usually attached to nervous system in legs, arms, neck, brain (upper nose into brain) etc.

    Recommended people to look up:
    Mary Rodwell

    • Administrator says:

      Thanks for weighing in on this, Mary. I have heard of your work and it is good to get some expert feedback. I have pressed the witness for more information and have also asked her son some questions about the alleged implant. So far I haven’t received any more responses. I am supposed to get the original X-rays on a CD.

  5. Burt Brown says:

    I must side with Don on this one. I put this in Photoshop and blew it up to get a better view. My dad was a watchmaker and I helped in the shop for years. The long pin like device looks almost identical to what we call a “spring bar,” the little device that holds the strap or band onto the tongs of a watch. The spring bar on most watches are hard to see (covered by the band), but look so much like this little piece of the image, I’m amazed. Also as Don stated and I agree, it looks like human electronics. The inside of an electric watch appears very similar to the image. How something like that could be left on the person and overlooked by a radiologist is strange, however. As so many others have said, that surely looks like a lithium battery (often called a button battery because of it’s thinness and size) and there is also evidence of the thin, flat metal clip that holds it in place. But lot’s of devices use these batteries and circuits, so I’m NOT stating it’s definitely a watch. The suggestion that it is a medical pendant or other implanted device certainly is possible. I just return to the amazing appearance of the “spring bar!” I never thought I’d see one in an X-ray! Let us know what you find out. I knew Dr. Lear and actually saw several of the “Alien implants” up close and they looked NOTHING like this.

    • Administrator says:

      I have that same question: Why would the radiologist or X-Ray tech let the person keep a device on them (like a watch)? This would be particularly true when the device would be in the area X-Rayed (upper back). I have had countless X-Rays and CT-Scans and they always told me to take off my watch.

  6. Sal Balakrishnan, D.C. says:

    This is a upright P-A or A-P X-Ray of the thoracic spine that is listing to the right or left (cannot locate a marker to determine which). This is not a upside down view. Note the breast shadow and faint lower thoracic ribs at T11 and T12 (notice the faint overlay of a floating rib on the right).

    This is not an oblique view since no prominent saggital projection of the pedicles is seen. Rather the spinous processes have translated left. The spinous processes have translated left in the lower thoracic spine due to contra-lateral coupling caused by listing of the spine to one side due to wedging of the T12-L1 disc and possibly similar vertebral malposition at lower levels. The facets are coronally oriented in the thoracic spine to accommodate lateral flexion which causes thoracic rotation.

    Since this is a partial view of the device hard to say if leads are present . I would rule out devices for Parkinsonian, tremor suppression, pacemaker or insulin pump due to location and small size of the unit. This is clearly a small battery powered integrated circuit about half the width of the vertebra and looks like a vehicle FOB or similar device.

    Not an alien implant and considering the scarcity of information being presented with respect to the image, this could have been worn as a pendant and poor pre radiological prep on the part of the imaging Tech. It is a possible gag at worst.

    • Administrator says:

      Thanks for your comments and for providing medical expertise. The witness said that she has no medical implanted devices. I am surprised that a radiologist or X-Ray tech would not make a patient remove an electronic device in the path of an X-Ray? This makes no sense to me. I am supposed to get the actual X-Rays on a CD. The graphic displayed is a picture taken of the X-Ray displayed on a computer screen.

      • Sal Balakrishnan says:

        You betcha. Believe it or not artifacts like these show up on films more than one would expect. Electronics are unaffected by X ray in most cases unless a strong magnetic field is present. Radiology techs are often stretched to the limit with their schedules and their instructions are sometimes overlooked by patients. Look forward to the whole film if you get your hands on it.

        The only outlier that stumped me in all my years in practice was a patient (and good friend) whose cervical film showed a tiny electronic chip like device, very exotic looking embedded in his chin. When I questioned him about it he played coy and said “ooooh maybe it’s one of those Alien Implants…” and changed the subject. I’ve always wondered about that. If I ever get a hold of that film (it was left at a colleague’s office in MA where I practiced part time in the early 2000’s) I’ll take a picture and send it, but a long shot at this time.


        • Administrator says:


          Thanks again. That is interesting that you may have come across an implant. Yes, please send a photo of it if you can a hold of it.

  7. Fred says:

    It’s not a Pacemaker. I have one and it shows only the outline on an X-Ray. It’s a man made device for sure. She was wearing it or it has been planted by a surgeon. It has a battery and I can see an integrated circuit!

  8. Cort Richards says:

    I would love to believe this is an alien implant, but it looks much more like what someone said above. An Intrathecal Pain Pump which is filled monthly or weekly depending on the make and size with Morphine, Fentanyl or other pain meds to help alleviate chronic pain symptoms. I too suffer from chronic back pain and doctors wanted to put one them in me too. I declined. The lady sounds very intelligent and I would think she would know if she had ever had a pain pump implanted under her skin and/or muscle. There should also be a scar where it was inserted. The above is merely my own opinion and not a ‘judgement’. I would only like this nice woman to know that I understand what it is like having chronic back and body pain. It’s a horrible condition that I wouldn’t wish on anyone or anything.

    • Administrator says:

      Thanks, much for your thoughts. Most comments have been constructive and useful (including yours). With UFO investigations it is tempting to believe each witness. The witness says that she has no scar and nothing was implanted. I am gathering more information and hope to close this case soon.

  9. Don says:

    The “Implant” pictured in the X-Ray is clearly a man made object. I can easily identify many of its internal components such as the large metallic disc (lithium battery), 8 pin SMT chip and several other smaller SMT components. I’ve worked in the electronics field many years and can tell you with out any doubt this is clearly not alien nor is it a implant, but is a wrist worn electronic device. If you look closely you can make out the outline of the device and the wrist band retaining pin which appears as the object with points on it’s ends located in the bottom of the device.

  10. Richard O'Connor, M.D. says:

    X-ray appears to be an oblique view of the thoracic spine and I think it is upside down as shown (ribs are seen end-on, cross sectioned in view, and the more “pointed” end should be down) . She reports a history of back problems. Vertebrae do appear to be quite osteoporotic. The object appears to contain integrated circuits. Did she ever have a spinal cord stimulator placed for treatment of back pain? Could this be an intrathecal drug pump for treatment of same? This would be an unusual location to implant a cardiac pacemaker. I don’t see any electrical leads coming from the device, but the bottom of the device (here seen on top) is cut off in this X-Ray. The object appears to be fairly large – I’m guessing 3X4 CM – and thus not the very small transceiver devices reported by Dr. Lier as being alleged alien implants. Can the device be felt under her skin? Perhaps she was laying down when the x-ray was taken and she was on top of an object that was either on or under the table? Curious that she has no idea what this could be!

    • Administrator says:

      Hi Richard:

      Thanks for your input. I am still in touch with the witness to obtain more information. Having your useful feedback helps me field more questions to the witness. She hasn’t mentioned any devices (external or internal). I will be updating as I receive more information from the witness.

  11. Bryan Rowder says:

    We would all like to know more along with her!

    For health information, I suggest she review everything at IASIS, microcurrent neurofeedback.

  12. Defiant says:

    Wow! That “implant” is the size of the key fob that starts my truck! It must be like having a TV remote stuck in her spine! Is that a button battery? How do the aliens change THAT when they need to? I wonder if they use an alien coin to unscrew the battery compartment cap!

  13. Jason says:

    Please stop this nonsense. That is clearly not alien in design. It is man made, and clearly shows a coin cell battery in the center, a coil at the top left, a chip and transister/gate array at the bottom left. The X-Ray shows it being centre of her chest. I hope it wasn’t a pace maker that she forgot she had fitted, or a device to limit her tremors which work by sending electrical impulses through the nerves – it could be either. I would guess that she may have alzheimers as well and has forgotton about this previous implant.

    • Administrator says:

      I would be careful about making any assumptions that the witness has Alzheimer’s. I have spoken to the witness twice and she has answered my questions and has not deviated from her story. She sounds pretty coherent for someone with dementia. I would suggest that you stick to the things that you know or are you a physician?

    • TomTurek says:

      It is not alien for sure. No such thing. NASA, SETI and astronomers have told us so. Except that millions know otherwise having opened http://www.theyfly.com and awoken.

  14. James says:

    The deice is very similar to a credit card RFID chip in structure.

  15. JayCee says:

    It looks like a LifeAlert pendant to me. Patients should remove all jewelry, etc. prior to having X-Rays taken. Based on the integration scale of this device, there is no way it is an implant.

  16. Tesla Hertz says:

    It looks like a remote for a car alarm or something like that. The X-Ray shows a 3 volt lithium battery and terminals.

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