April 9, 2013 – Milan, Ohio – 11 PM EDT

Description: I saw 2 objects in the night sky flying almost in tandem. However one was clearly higher than the other. I first thought it was planes coming out of Cleveland, but what caught my eye was they weren’t on the flight path that they ALWAYS use. Each “ball of light” was changing colors, almost like it was rotating, or at least the light source was. They were also changing from orange, green, blue, and red. While watching the lower object suddenly started falling so fast I couldn’t follow it as it fell behind the house across the street. (Keep in mind I would say the objects were roughly 20 to 30 miles away.) The second object suddenly started a U turn in the opposite direction much faster than any passenger plane could do, and slowly started to flicker until it just completely disappeared. My house is directly under a flight path for the planes coming in and out of Hopkins International Airport. By the time they get over me they are probably close to cruising altitude. These objects did not have any of the characteristics of the planes I have been watching fly over head the past 5 years!

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