Armada of 32 Star-Like Objects Brighten Up & Make U Turns.

Location of Sighting: Sacramento, California
Date of Sighting: October 21, 2019
Time of Sighting: 2 AM PDT

Description: I live in Sacramento, CA. (Currently Oak Road to be exact.) This morning at around 2 AM when I got off of work I was home by 2 AM I went into my backyard to kind of relax and unwind real quick and I looked up in the sky. I saw what I thought was a cluster of stars which turned out to be almost like an Armada of over 32 objects which I thought were drones, but they were way too high up. These things were up in space and they were communicating with one another via signals. And then all of sudden one would brighten up and then make a very quick U turn. I watched this for about an hour. I got my fiancee and I woke her up just so she could confirm that I wasn’t going kind of crazy, but I saw over 32 objects above the city of Sacramento this morning that were performing maneuvers that I couldn’t expect a satellite to do. This is something that I feel is very serious because they were moving and communicating. It wasn’t an airplane, it wasn’t a helicopter and it wasn’t a satellite.

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  1. Josh says:

    A few months back I noticed a slow moving ‘orb’ or sphere moving above Roseville, CA. It was about 9:30 PM. I was outside smoking on the back patio, looking up at the stars. I noticed a few planes in the distance, and a helicopter had just passed 30 to 40 minutes earlier. And then I noticed this small, orange-ish orb. It was moving slowly as if it was a satellite, but it looked entirely too low. It was lower than the other planes I had been seeing casually flying in different directions. And just as I started to really ask “what is that” it’s suddenly changed direction. It was like the ball from the video game ‘Pong’. Just as it traveled in it’s new direction, it’s glow slowly started to fade. (Like a candle flame going out.) I still don’t understand it. Everyone thinks I was stoned and I’m nuts, but I haven’t stopped thinking about it since.

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