August 1, 2013 – Los Banos, California – 8 PM PDT



Description: This is the photo I have of the UFO. The website is on the picture as well. Now, it’s a UFO because technically it is an unidentified flying object. You can believe for yourself what it is. It had to have been in frame for one shot, and it’s blurred. It’s past the area of the deconstructed building. It’s not nearing the lens where you’d only find an insect causing this. The shape of it isn’t an insect. It has no wings, no transparency of having any wings and it has no type of extremity (Legs, arms..). All it is, is a rounded object.

To get this in the photo, you’d need to had have it in the photo for one picture. It’s traveling at a fast rate, in relation to where it is to the photo (as I said before, it’s perspective is past the deconstructed building. It’s not even near the inside area of the lens.) So I am assuming it’s blurred due to the fact it’s traveling fast.

To get this in the picture, it’d have to be in that area during that select moment of the picture being taken and it’s blurred. In a high resolution hi-tech camera this shouldn’t be blurred unless it’s traveling quite fast. Why is it blurred? What is it? What kind of shaped object such as this would even be in the photo?

It can’t be on the lens or have been a bug by the way it looks in my opinion, and the lens would have had the dot in every photo. What this photography does is take thousands of pictures in any given area, and compiles them via computer into one image, thus making one small image being able to be zoomed in and still have high resolution. This is sort of how google earth works. This is called gigapixel photography I believe. Now for the UFO to be in the photo for that particular time, traveling at that rate for ONE frame in thousands of pictures is mind blowing to me. What is it? Try to find out for yourself.


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  1. Jack L. Metcalfe says:

    Honestly, it looks like a bird in flight to me. In the enlarged image, notice the differently colored neck area in contrast with the body.

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