August 1, 2014 – Troutdale, Oregon – 11:45 PM PDT



Overview Map Below Showing Location of Troutdale, OR:

Update – October 25, 2014 (Radar Analysis): The top map contains the aviation radar analysis of the sighting. Data were obtained from the local Portland Airport Approach Radar. The radar shows that only one aircraft passed over the area near the time of the sighting. An aircraft landed at Troutdale Airport at 12:07 PM PDT from the northwest. (This was several minutes after the sighting.) The radar makes approximately 12 revolutions/minute. In two of the revolutions (one minute apart) radar painted something. This is not a strong indication for tracking of an object, but is near the time and direction when the witness first sighted the object. (He sighted the same object five minutes later and thought perhaps that it had made a loop. Radar did not show any unusual returns at this time.) One could speculate that the object had a small radar cross sectional area and may have became visible by varying it’s pitch or yaw (increasing radar cross sectional area) and thereby temporarily could have been visible to the radar for two sweeps one minute apart. If the two radar returns were from the same object, then the ground speed would have been about 60 MPH and the object would have been moving to the northwest. The witness definitely did not misidentify a conventional aircraft because none were visible at the sighting times and none moved in the direction that the object moved.

Description: This report was received from James Clarkson (MUFON Director for Washington State):

I have been wanting to tackle the next chapter in this saga. The same law enforcement witness had a second sighting. He did not report this to me until August 27. He wanted to know if it might be possible to check radar on the second sighting. I have not responded to him except to tell him that I would run it by you.

On August 1st, 2014, around 11:45 PM I was on-duty and working in Troutdale, Oregon. The weather was warm, with a clear sky and excellent visibility, and no substantial wind. I was in my vehicle and parked just south of Interstate 84. The Troutdale Airport was located directly to the north of where I was positioned, although there was little activity that I noticed at the time. My vehicle was facing west and I had an unobstructed view of the west and northwest sky.

I observed an object move into my line of sight, observable through the top driver’s side edge of my windshield. The object moved from the southeast to the northwest, tracking across the sky toward NW Marine Drive and Interstate 84. As it moved, the entire object came into my view. It appeared to be an equilateral triangle, of substantial size, flying with one of the points of the triangle facing forward. From my perspective, the object was approximately the size of a triangle with three-inch sides, held at arms-length. I heard no engine or propeller noise, and the object seemed to be completely silent.

The object had a bright, constant white light at each corner, as well as extremely bright, flashing strobe lights on the surface of the rear of the object. These lights were blue and red, and did not appear to be fixed. They flashed rapidly and in no particular sequence, across the entire rear of the object. I have never observed lights of this color or pattern on conventional aircraft, and to my knowledge, blue lights are not acceptable by FAA standards.

The white lights at each corner of the object partially illuminated the bottom surface, which appeared to be a flat black color and devoid of any markings, lights, or external objects. The object seemed to be flying very low, possibly as low as one thousand feet in elevation, although this was difficult to estimate at night. Additionally, the width, length, and height of the object itself was difficult to estimate; it appeared to be a large, flat triangle.

I observed the object slowly move to the northwest, in the direction of the Columbia River, and it appeared to be hovering, rather than flying like a conventional aircraft. The very slow speed of the object contrasted distinctly with the speeds of conventional aircraft, and was similar to the slow hovering motion of a helicopter. The object moved to the northwest, over and beyond Interstate 84, and out of my line of sight.

Approximately five minutes later, I observed the same object fly overhead, coming from the same direction as before, as if it had circled the area. I now had found my binoculars, and looked at it on magnification. I was able to see the object distinctly. I was able to confirm the color of the object as a flat black or dark gray, and confirmed the existence of the lights on each corner and on the rear. The lights at each corner did not appear to be projected by a conventional light source, but simply appeared to be circles of white light. The blue and red lights on the rear also did not appear to emanate from fixed light sources, but rather from the surface of the object itself. I observed no windows, no cockpit, no conventional landing or navigational lights, no engines or propellers, no fins or flaps, and no markings on the object.

I again observed the object move to the northwest, toward the Columbia River, and over Interstate 84, where I lost sight of it. I continued observing the area for several minutes afterward, but did not see anything further. Based on my training and experience, the flight characteristics, lighting, and structure of this object matched no known conventional aircraft. Nothing further.

Note: This same witness reported a UFO that had been chased by a military F15 Jet.
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5 Responses to August 1, 2014 – Troutdale, Oregon – 11:45 PM PDT

  1. Shelley says:

    Has any reports of UFO sightings been reported in the Warrenton/Astoria Oregon and or coastal ridge within the past week? Today is June 4th of 2016.

  2. Joel Wesley Small says:

    This is nothing short of an extraordinary report in the light that it was given by a law enforcement person. On it’s face, this report is so detailed that one could only hope that either that there were good photos taken, or that there were other known witnesses.

    I have heard of other reports of such ‘triangular craft’ having, of course, the large white ‘lights’ on their undersides, but also the presence of the blue and red lights on more than a few. I think maybe these unconventional lighting may be meant to clearly demark it as either an experimental craft to ‘those interested’ or serve some function or entail something operating that creates such lighting effects.

    It’s probably only a coincidence, but the presence of red/blue lights often is used to designate some sort of law enforcement or emergency vehicles. At any rate, my thanks to the person who submitted this report, and I certainly hope this officer makes every attempt to keep the eyes peeled for any other similar activities.

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