August 10, 2012 – Lancaster, Ohio – 11 PM EDT



Description: A black cubic object materialized on the road and attacked our car. It felt metallic. It made weird jet noises trying to dislodge itself from the side of the car. It destroyed the lights and shroud on front of car passenger side. It happened last night at approxmately 11:00 PM in Lancaster, Ohio.

Note: The “alleged encounter” was reported on August 11, 2012. Photos of the damage have been requested. The witnesses sent the above photo on August 23, 2012.

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4 Responses to August 10, 2012 – Lancaster, Ohio – 11 PM EDT

  1. Veronica says:

    I had dreams before of such strange objects coming at me. One time in 2008, I had a dream that an antigravitational object scanned me when I opened the door of a motel room I was staying at. It was only a dream, but left me scared for a while.

  2. Dennos says:

    I had an unusal object hit my vehicle around the the year 2000. I was going to work one morning when a fast apparently rotating object the size of a grapefruit hit the front of my vehicle above the passenger’s side headlight. It put a sizeable dent with a few deep scratch marks. The object was best described as orange in color and only when the rotating stopped for a fraction of a second after hitting my car did I notice spike like extensions. The object was moving horizontal into the car and not from above. I slowed my car and looked around to see if it was laying around the road. It was nowhere to be seen. I wish now that I would have taken a picture of the damage.

  3. Joel Small says:

    As for myself I believe this event may indeed have happened, but again the question is what was this object and whose was it. It is almost common knowledge that many people and organizations own and operation a large array of flying objects, be they radio controlled aircraft (one I once saw looked just like a domestic push motorized lawn mower!) to u.a.d.s (unmanned aerial drones) on and on! But I know that the geographical area of Ohio has been the source of more than a few good reports of u.a.o.s, going back at least to the beginning of the twentieth century given by people not so much given to admitting such experiences, and some of which I think would have been hard to make up, given the times and circumstances. But anyway these people who encountered the aerial cube with their car is going to have one heck of a time convincing their auto insurance company of this!

  4. Jim says:

    I know that cube shaped UFOs exist. I was witness to one back in mid 1990s in the daytime. It had a black fuzzy surface with one slow pulsating red light recessed in the surface. This was in a high UFO area of Lake Oswego, Oregon. My camera was available, but it was moving too fast to capture. It was a scary looking object.

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