August 11, 2013 – Seattle, Washington – 11 PM PDT

Description: I was wondering if you received any information about strange dark red lights hovering around the north end of downtown Seattle. On Sunday, August 11th around 11 PM my boyfriend and I witnessed 5 or so oddly colored red lights suspended in the air over the north end of Capitol Hill. We had initially thought they were news helicopters hovering over a neighborhood, but the lights was very oddly colored (dark red – just very uniquely colored). the lights were all suspended in a very strange formation. They just looked very odd.

We both decided to run to my rooftop deck (mainly because the color of their lights) and we witnessed them moving southwest. They were shifting back and forth slightly erratically. It looked like one light ascended in the sky and the others slowly faded out. I continued to look into the sky and noticed a solid object moving through a thin cloud layer in a straight line heading south, without any lights. The object eventually traveled through a portion of clear sky and I could clearly see a disc shaped object gliding though the sky. It appeared to be slightly illuminated (white) and metallic and appeared very small (maybe in size or because of it’s altitude). This illumination could have been a reflection from city lights. I have never seen anything like this before.

It is important to note that my apartment is on the flight path for SeaTac Airport, but I have observed many planes at night time. Descending planes make noise and always have flashing strobes. These lights had a very unique solid red color and did not appear to flicker. I am absolutely certain the object that glided through the clouds was disc shaped and appeared metallic.

I can’t really explain what I saw, but we did witness oddly colored lights in a formation that moved slightly erratic – shifting from side to side and fading out. Followed by a sighing of a single disc shaped object gliding through the sky.

Did you receive any other reports of such an event?

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