August 11, 2014 – New Britain, Connecticut – 8:55 PM EDT



Description: Hello: On August 11th at 8:55 PM I was standing in the park just above the parking lot at New Britain General Hospital where there is also a concert hall or a shell as they call it and I witnessed a red light with white lights. It seemed orange at times. It turned itself on and off at will and it floated in the steady light path turning itself on and off until it disappeared. It seemed to be going towards the west because I live on West Main Street in New Britain Connecticut not far at all from the park. I am sure there must have been other eye witnesses of course I was with 5 other people. I fumbled to get my phone set for taking a photo because it was a new phone. It took me a few seconds, but I took this photo.

Second Report From Witness (In Response to Questions About Photo): I can tell you this that my camera and the photo that’s in my camera is very clarified and clear tube. That you can see an actual shape of an object almost like that of Star Trek no lie. I have the image enhanced on my phone and it is incredible. Maybe by transferring this type of photo you don’t get it true picture. I also took my phone to the public library and had them upload the pictures and even make a copy. Even the computer attendance at the library was amazed as many others that I have shown the picture from my phone too. The picture images from my phone show that there was a clear shape to the vehicle with these lights extending from the outer shell and also from below underneath side showed orange the top of portion of the photo shows orange post or like fire light post lit up and pulsating turned off as did the rest of the ship. There were no clouds and it was clear as day although it was evening. It was large in shape so I believe it was close I don’t know! It could have been 2,000 feet up or a thousand feet. I have no clue. I managed to lose the information data from my cell phone by trying to move it for storage. I am going to bring this photo from my phone to my cousin in Rhode Island who will use his computer filter out and get the best photo shot clarity. I hope it will be explicit.

Note: This is an intriguing sighting considering that all of the lights in the photo are from the unknown object. There was also multiple witnesses to the sighting.

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  1. Barbara Griffith says:

    I would like to see the photo. I hope it is put on this website. It looks interesting.

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