August 12, 2012 – Between Seagoville & Balch Springs, Texas – 1:20 AM CDT

Description: On August 12, 2012 at approximately  1:20 AM my husband and I were driving from Seagoville Texas heading West on 175 to Balch Springs Texas coming home from my grand daughter’s birthday party. I don’t really know who saw them first, but myself and my husband both saw the orange lights and I counted them. It is my recollection that I did see them follow in and form a circle and  just hover for approximately 7 seconds after forming the circle. It is my recollection by the time they were finished I counted seven. It was a very odd sighting. I look to my husband and asked him: Do you see that? I don’t even believe in UFOs although I have to say, it was extremely odd. When I returned home I checked the internet and continued to do so for weeks and didn’t find anything reported. It’s actually pretty freaky to me. This evening looking for a movie to watch that we had in our unviewed movies. From our family collection, was an unopened DVD titled “Unidentified” a movie that made myself and my husband go down memory lane. My husband and myself were discussing that odd sighting once again. We both scrambled to our phones to call on Google services to find out if anything had ever been reported been on this sighting. That is when we saw that report. I think it is awesome someone else was caring enough to share. Thankyou for reporting on this sighting. It wasn’t just odd it was beautiful for I got to share that experience of the unusual sighting with my husband.

Note: The witness is referring to another sighting report that we received from Seagoville, TX on August 12, 2012:

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