August 13, 2015 – Withamsville, Ohio – 1 PM EDT

Description: I saw a ight gray object moving west along US 125 to the intersection I-275 where it turned northwest toward Wright-Patterson Field in Dayton.The object was a triangle about the size of a B-52 and was almost transparent at times. It was like looking at heat waves on the roadway in the summer. The object was about 10,000 feet moving around 150 knots. The time was 1 PM. It was a clear day and visibility was around 20 miles.

Following the object on the ground was a white truck just smaller than a bread truck with all black windows and 2 rails across the top with a white ball on the 4 ends. The balls were about the size of a basketball. In the center of the back top was a radar dish.

The truck followed the object every turn.

I followed the truck onto I-275 to the next exit where I turned around and was followed by a white car with black windows to US-125. I pulled into a Wendy’s. The car came in and pulled on out and back on I-275 and headed to Dayton.

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