August 14, 2003 – Sedonia, Arizona – Around 4 to 5 PM MDT





Description: In the late afternoon of August 14, 2003 – my wife, while I was driving slowly along a back road just north of the Big Park Grade School in the Village of Oak Creek of Sedona Arizona, began taking photographs of the sky to the west of the red rock mesas. My wife is an artist and wanted to use the monsoon cloud photos in her paintings. In two of the photos, taken within seconds of each other, a large bush can be seen where the craft was photographed. In the background is a distant mesa while in the sky, within an odd angular opening in the clouds, appears to be dark object beaming down two bright lights. One photo shows both a red and a bright white spot while in the other both spots are white. Of possible interest, is that we did not see the dark object or the lights at the time the photos were taken. They were only observed after the photographs were down-loaded into our computer. Our camera is a Kodak Easy Share CX6330.

Upon the two photographs being down-loaded onto the computer the lights and dark object were observed and I magnified as well as enlarged the sections showing the craft (yes, it is a small bubble type craft showing a single person operating what appears to be a vertical control system). Also, I have added what is referred to as solar color to a number of the photographs to enhance the photos, but other than being enlarged and solarized I did not change or add anything to them.

Several days later I had some workmen working on our home and I happened to have the photos lying on the kitchen table. At the time I was talking to the construction foreman and upon his seeing the photos he asked where they had been taken. Upon my telling him where they had been taken he said two of his men had also seen the craft while fixing a flat tire alongside the same road. He then had the men view the photos and they asked if they could have copies of the photos since their friends and families had laughed and ridiculed them when they told of their having seen the craft land on the red mesa shown in the background of the two photographs.

Note: The photographer did not see the object, but two workmen apparently did see the object. When first viewing the photo I thought that the dark object was an artifact due to the fact that the photo was taken in the direction of the Sun and therefore not a real object. However, if the workmen actually saw the object, then the object could be real. The enhancement sent by the witness is somewhat compelling and shows an entity in a oval shaped craft. The enhancement is zoomed to the individual pixel level.

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  1. Jim says:

    The sun is directly behind the object and looks like the image sensor reaction to bright sunlight produced a black spot. The light on the ground area below looks like lens flare.

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