August 14, 2012 – West Monroe, Louisiana – 9:20 PM CDT

Description: We saw a cigar shaped thing with no wings that flew over us into and just above the tree line and it appeared to be landing in a vertical position. (It flew longways and had a blue light in the front and white-like light in back when it went over us.) Then it looked like it was landing in the woods with the blue light down and white light up. Then just 3 seconds up the road it or another like it was just floating in the air facing us. It had a blue light in the front and a white light the the side behind it. When my mother slowed down and wanted to take a picture, I said no just go and as we sped up it flew right over us, but sideways. I felt like we were in danger. As we sped away we passed I think 6 vehicles going the other way which was strange because there was no traffic on this country road before then and when we got home we heard air traffic flying over house on and off for over an hour. I Wanted to call police, but my mother said no and we just sat together and prayed. I may have tried to get picture, but my daughter was with us and I had a very bad feeling.

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