August 18, 2010 – Oakdale, California – 10 PM PDT

Description: Sadly this is a remote control airplane. I live in Oakdale and when I first saw this I too thought it was a UFO. It is fascinating to watch and he does fly it often.

Note: Witness is commenting on a sighting and video taken in Oakdale, CA on August 16, 2010. Click here to read this report.

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  1. Joel Small says:

    It is nice that somebody took the trouble to help clear up a report no less than two groups of people saw that as unusual as it appeared turned out to be someone’s model aircraft or so it seems. There has been a an increase in the amount of people that buy and fly them, and often deck them out with l.e.d.s and some make a lot of noise, but some don’t. THEN there are people and/or organizations that are started to employ different kinds of unmanned aerial vehicles (U.A.V.s) for everything from crime surveilance to bug spraying. Perhaps there should be some kind of designator catagory for these things, maybe Unidendified Assundry Aerial Objects, Yes!

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