August 18, 2014 – Sinking, Pennsylvania – 10:30 PM EDT

Description: It was approximately 10:30 PM EDT on August 18th. I had just taken my two dogs out for one last out before bed. Both dogs were staring in an easterly direction. When I looked to see what they were looking at, all I saw was what I thought to be a plane in the distance, heading South. All of a sudden the object switched directions and was heading westward towards me at a quick pace. I freaked to say the least, ran in the house and got my husband who came out. At this time the object was directly above our home and all he could see was the bottom of the object, which then quickly disappeared straight up into a cloud. We waited for the object to come out from behind the cloud, which it never did. The object appeared to be quite flat shaped, with what looked like a tower on top, with lots of white lights. There was no sound accompanying the object. I am not sure of the actual size as it did appear to be fairly far away. The tower size to me was about two inches high from the base of the object. Did anyone else see anything strange last night? The object moved very quickly and precisely which was what really scared me. It was not normal movement like a plane.

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