August, 1966 – Border of Massachusetts & New Hampshire – 9 to 10 PM EDT

Description: We were driving North on I believe an August night on a heavily traveled interstate (1 or 95). A large number of cars pulled off the road and we did too. Once parked a circular object floated above and to the east of the road. There must have been close to a hundred parked cars. This object was huge. We heard no Sound. It may have been 1 to 2 miles away based on the humidity in the air it couldn’t have been much further with the resolution I observed. At that distance it would have been larger than an aircraft carrier. We were maybe 20 to 30 air miles from Pease AFB. It had windows or lights around it’s circumference. The lights changed colors. I remember blue white, red and I think violet. We watched this object for about 5 to 8 minutes. Then it started to move slightly and after 15 to 20 seconds it vanished to a single point of light and was gone. This happened in about 1 second. I believe it was reported in the Boston Globe or Herald the next day.

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