August 5, 2007 – Fayetteville, Arkansas – 1 AM to 5 AM CDT

Listen to Recording of Interview (YouTube):

Description: The witness’s mother called and reported a sighting her daughter and many others experienced several years ago. The call was made on Jan 13, 2015. A clip of the interview can be listened to above. I am still trying to confirm a few more details. Updates will be posted. The witness’s daughter and many of her neighbors were outside looking at the sky and noticed three “tall” objects that were glowing and were about the size and shape of a house. The police were called and did not respond. However, the witness saw some cars parked at nearby cross streets with their lights off. She noticed that the cars were police cars. Also military jets were observed to move into the area where the lights were seen. The witness thought that the jets could have been scrambled from nearby Fort Chaffee, Arkansas. The lights were viewed for around two hours. The witness went inside and went to bed. The next thing that she remembers is being in the middle of her living room floor with uncontrollable leg and arm movements. The witness’s mother talked to her on the night of the incident after it happened.

Note: The witness’s mother (voice on above recording) had a close encounter incident in Indiana and Ohio in 2005. Click here to read this report.

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