August, 2011 – Olympia, Washington – 5 PM PDT

Description: I saw the same thing, but I am sure it was 2011. I am not sure of the day. I and another person watched from downtown near Harrison and Water Street as a white/silvery ball slowly ascended from above the west-side. We watched it for about five minutes before it disappeared into the upper atmosphere. It went way too high to be an air balloon and was too big and far away to be a regular balloon. It looked about the size of a helicopter, but just went straight up very slowly in a very straight, even path until it was way too high in the sky to be any kind of aircraft.

Note: The witness is referring to a sighting in Olympia on August 30th, 2010.
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Note: The evening weather balloon launch time was at 5 PM PDT. Weather balloons would have been launched from Salem, OR and near Forks, WA (Northwest WA). It is possible that the witness could have seen the Salem balloon. Balloons can be visible for long distances on clear sunny days.

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