August 21, 2013 – Holiday, Florida – 10 PM EDT



Description: On Wednesday, August 21,2013 in the area of Flora and Grand Blvd, my husband and I saw an object in the sky that had red and green lights. It appeared to be very close and perhaps was 150 to 200 yards away. It seem to come straight up from behind a large tree and then came toward us. It would zoom to a spot, then stop and hover, then change direction and zoom to another spot. At one point, it zoomed down and looked like it was hovering over “The Corner Store” at Grand Blvd and Flora. It then came back to the area where we first sighted it and was out of sight for 2 to 3 minutes. Then it came back into view and started maneuvering in the same fashion as previously until it returned to the location behind the large tree and then looked like it went straight down. I took a picture of it. It looks like a very small speck on the photo until I zoomed it in. We were able to clearly see the bright green and red lights. When I went online, I found a picture that is very close to what we saw. See picture above.

I see others have documented similar sightings. Has anyone reported the sighting and had it investigated? Has anyone been able to identify “who, what, when or where”? To whom should we send the information to be investigated? Thanks.

Response of Witness to Investigator Questions: Thanks for answering so promptly. You asked about the time of the sighting and what we were doing. It was around 10 PM and my husband and I were sitting on our porch which is on the 2nd floor when we first saw it. Then we walked outside to our upper deck which extends out over the water and has an open view.

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  1. Jazz Luce' says:

    Ok so what I would like to know is how long did the object sit and hover for after it got done moving? Also i live near the area too and have my own reports that I am taking from other people who have seen “UFO’s” too. So please if you could get back in contact with me that would be great and also if there is a full report on this, I would love to read the full report too. Thank you for your time


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