August 23, 2014 – Sheffield, United Kingdom – 9:29 PM Local Time



Description: I am a wedding photographer so I wasn’t paying that much attention to the sky. So I don’t recall noticing anything, but when I uploaded the pictures and started to go through them I just got really confused by this one. As you can see in image 803 (not displayed in this report), the glass bottle candle holders are the only objects close to the subjects in picture 806 (shown above), and although the bottoms are elliptical, they are nowhere near to the shape that appears in photo 806. Also the sun had already set so there is no chance that the glass bottle was being bleached out of the photo and all that is showing is the bottom. Also I noticed the direction of movement in comparison to the camera movement. The photo was taken at 1/60th seconds, at F1.4, on a 24 MM Nikon G lens.

If someone could get back to me on this, it is really beguiling me. I would love to have captured a genuine sighting by accident! Thank you.

Note: The other photo mentioned by the witness was taken in the same direction as was the later photo. There are no objects in the area that would explain the object (e.g. light poles, other hanging objects, etc.) Also “photo saturation” can’t be the cause as the sun had already set. (This was pointed out by the witness who is a professional photographer.) Saturation can sometimes isolate objects (like light fixtures on light poles), but that is not an explanation here. I don’t have an explanation for the photo. I am sure that debunkers will come up with many explanations.

Photo Analyst David Mason Writes: Hi Bill:

I ran JPEG snoop and the results indicate both images have been edited in “Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5.3 for windows.” I’m not sure why the sample reference image was also edited.

Perhaps they were edited for contrast? If you look at the upper right hand corner there’s a second similar object entering the field of view.

Also there is significant horizontal motion blur due to camera motion. The object of interest exhibits no motion blur. The photographer claimed the object was not visible until viewing the image. This can only occur if the camera was tracking the “moving” object by random chance. The camera would have to match the same direction and velocity as the object that was photographed. This would rule out any deliberate tracking giving it a very small mathematical chance that a camera could randomly be tracking an invisible moving object. The other explanation for the object being in focus against a motion blurred image would be that it was added after the fact. The photo appears to be genuine, but there are many questions.

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9 Responses to August 23, 2014 – Sheffield, United Kingdom – 9:29 PM Local Time

  1. Jack L. Metcalfe says:

    This is a wild guess: Maybe somebody tossed a hat in the air. It was a wedding celebration, right?

    • luis (OP) says:

      Hey Jack:

      That is what I would have put it down to if they weren’t rather the ‘sensible’ type of crowd, and only about ~8 people outside at the spot where I shot it. They were all conversing (and not all drunk yet) basically anyone throwing owt, even in my peripheral, wouldn’t have gone unnoticed. Of course you only have my word on that, but it’s one of the reasons it’s been confusing me. That, and no-one there wore a bowl-oid shaped hat. (I took over 2000 photos of the guests alone that day.) There were no hats until ~10.30pm when it got colder.

    • Administrator says:


      You may want to look at comments that I subsequently received from the photographer. There no hats until much later.

  2. Bryan says:

    It is identical in shape to the ufo I saw in 2011, midday. The underside was shadowed, but the rest was silvery sheen. I would call it a UFO.

  3. Ed says:

    The F stop on the camera was far too low to get good depth of field background in focus along with slow shutter speed causing background blurring as well. End of day low light and cloud cover may have contributed as well as the automatic setting on camera not at its best.

    • luis (OP) says:

      Hi Ed:

      Cheers for the analysis. I will post the metadata when I finish work today. The majority of the day I was shooting manual (aperture-proirity and bounce flash were not a good combo considering how much and often the light changed that day). I shoot wide open -F2.8 – and lower most of the time anyway, but at 9.30 PM I wanted it fully open because my d200 doesn’t handle noise reduction amazingly (didn’t want to up ISO any further), and I obviously I was focusing on isolating guests from their backdrop. I don’t tend to accomodate my settings for possible UFO captures when I am on a job. Hah.

  4. Carlsaganlives says:

    Post up the original raw file up for people to download. I want to have a look at it.

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