August 23, 2014 – St. Louis, Missouri – 10:40 PM CDT

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Description: I saw a bright white oval as it was approaching at 10:40 PM on 8/23/2014. the craft seemed to float and move fast across the sky. It took around 3 to 4 minutes horizon to horizon. As the craft came overhead I could make out a central white light. It emanated from a large yellow/orange “halo”. Then I saw “it”. The large halo had perfect edges. It was a perfect diamond and was perhaps a square. It was traveling with front and rear points in perfect alignment with direction of travel (north). the main “white light” emanated from a “hole” in the front corner of the diamond. It looked like perhaps a hot air balloon, although it was far too still a night for the speed of travel, unless they were in the jet stream. If was that high it would not have been so large. It was not a candle unless it was a 5 gallon variety, and I looked straight up and saw nothing. but “flame” in the hole. The whole “plasma diamond” would flicker and you could see another “false” edge to the diamond just outside the constant edge. It looked like it was jumping out, flickering, etc. When one made it over the horizon another came. I went inside and tweeted at 10:45 PM central time. I got my phone, went back out to see 2 more come over. I got a video of the last one, but it’s nothing compared to the 1st one I saw. The video should corroborate my story. Even as is you can tell I am filming something strange even as small and poor as it is. I definitely pick up some strange attributes that someone or myself could accentuate/enlarge for comparison to knowns. I have included a scaled mock up. held at arm’s length, this is what I saw.

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4 Responses to August 23, 2014 – St. Louis, Missouri – 10:40 PM CDT

  1. L. Watson says:

    Do you go frame by frame through the videos? I did this one and where there is no bright white light, you can see the shape and components of the object. It is mostly reddish in color. This is VERY interesting and it would be good to catch a screen shot of these shapes that seem to appear at .47 to .58 as far as I can tell. The actual structure appears to be two lights at the end of two cylinders with square and curved shields. One shot looked like an umbrella with a cylinder and light peeking out from under. It is hard to describe as it changes position and therefore appearance. To go through make video full screen and hit the space bar to move an d stop. Arrow keys sometimes will move it forward.

    • Administrator says:


      Thanks for your comments. I have software to break out videos frame by frame. If time permits, I may do a frame by frame analysis.

  2. Joel W. Small says:

    I would like to thank a fellow Missourian (although I haven’t lived there in years) for this outstanding report! It seems that those of the”Show Me!” state have a better talent at plainly describing these aerial events. Some of the more outstanding “UFO.” sightings involve objects that are seemingly ‘diamond’ shaped. As modern aviation technology stands, such an airframe might have some stealth qualities to it, but unless this was a type of deridgable (spelling!), it couldn’t stay airborne very long. Again, thank you for your report, and thanks to hard-working Mr. Puckett!

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