August 24, 2007 – Reno, Nevada – 8 PM PDT



Description: My friend and I were “attacked” by a vertical oval-shaped pulsating bright pink/red orb that started off as what looked like a small fire on the ground in the desert with pinkish colored flames. Within minutes of noticing the fire it disappeared or rather rose up from the ground to form a giant pointed vertical oval shape. The UFO then got bigger and bigger until it shot towards us at an extremely high rate of speed. The UFO was way too large to escape it’s path almost encompassing most of the sky. My friend and I feared for our lives. I actually was so certain I was going to die I came to terms with it somehow in the couple of seconds it took for it to reach us! We grabbed a hold of each other and jumped out of the back of my pickup truck & hit the ground. We then opened our eyes. The UFO was just gone, completely gone and so was about 2 and a half hours of our time. This is my story as briefly written as possible. There are certainly more details, but this is the very short of it all. I am desperately looking for anyone else out there who has experienced a similar event to exchange details with and possibly learn more about what this UFO is, etc. Please contact me if you know of or have had a similar experience.

Note: The witness provided a “non-functional” email address in multiple reports. I suspect that this case is likely a hoax.

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  1. Kenneth Larson says:

    The 2007 Reno Nevada experience where the witnesses saw a bush that burned like fire in the desert and then grew in size reminded me of the biblical account where the prophet Moses saw a burning bush in the desert that was not consumed. Out of the burning bush came the voice of the Lord telling Moses he had been chosen by the Lord to lead the Hebrews of the Exodus out of the desert to freedom and eventually into the modern nation of Israel.

  2. Kenneth Larson says:

    Like the outlandish and extraordinary French UFOs reported being seen by people in France in 1954, some UFO reports are very unsual and possibly cause critics with preconceived opinions to think the contacts were made up and didn’t happen. This is the problem that UFO contactee Travis Walton described in his 2010 4th edition book FIRE IN THE SKY. Seven woodcutters including Walton said they saw a golden-colored UFO hovering over a wooded clearing near Snowflake, Arizona, November 5, 1975. Walton said he was taken aboard, met seven humanoids, looked through space telescopes and was then left on the ground near Heber, Arizona, November 10, 1975. When the local police were contacted, various experts with preconceived opinions told Walton that the event had never happened and the whole story was phony and made up. In order to explain what did happen, Walton wrote a book that went into four editions with Walton giving talks about the extraordinary 1975 experience before audiences around the world along with a Hollywood movie. The seven woodcutters never changed their true-story accounts over the years. So if you see and encounter a UFO, tell what happened and stick to the truth.

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